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About the property

Friendly Hostel is managed by a hospitable couple, mahmoud and mehrane  With a long experience in the accommodation industry in Shiraz, and arranging different type of tours like:Nomads Tour: Persepolis Tour and Related Ancient Sites like Necropolis and Pasargad :and Pink lake (Salt lake) they provide Rooms in a welcoming House for international Tourists. 



Guests can book private Rooms and Beds in shared Dormitories.


Common areas, services and activities

Guests will be accommodated in a simple but welcoming Home in Shiraz, with Friendly and hospitality. Guests can watch TV, use the WiFi connection, cook in the communal kitchen.



"Friendly House" boasts a prime location, The neighborhood is served by several supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops.

Tour arrangment

Here in Friendly Hostel we Arrange different Tour such as Persepolis Tour and Necropolis,Nomadic Tour,Margoon waterfall Tour,Salt lake Tour(Pink lake) Friendly Hostel in Iran have many connections to book other hostels in other cities for you Just for Helping you 

Free Pick up Service: From Bus Terminal and Airpot


Whatsapp: +989198402291


new address: district 8,Vesale shirazi Street beside alley NO 14 Number 32 , shiraz, Iran


in case friendly hostel team: if you need to book another hostel,hotel,guest house,in other cities we can help you 




















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